Thursday, April 28, 2011

Masa Utk Layannn

Tgh usha En Papa utk belikan sesuatu...Papa nak ke belikan...:)

*Aerobic Shoes
*Aerobic Clothes

Usha jenis apa dulu yek....Papa kan baik...........
Klu tgk sini..sebelum beli..byk factor yg kiter kena tgk...So far ni koleksi aerobics aku semua yg x tutup aurat la...xperla kan..sebab semua yg joint tu pompuan....x der campur laki2 pun..(w/pun dr luar ader gak tgk laki2 yg lalu nak g gym sebelah aerobics room tu ader gak toleh2..tapi sure x nampak sebab cerminnya kelabu..sorry..jgn nak intai2 yek..).Seronok nak tambah lagi koleksi..nak beli Nike ke pulaks....terlanjur org nak belikan...iyerr ke...

First of all, the aerobic clothes that you select to wear,to carry out your aerobic session....

-it should be loose fit, so that there is adequate provision for free flow of air. The crucial point is that, you should have a feeling of pleasure in the clothes you are wearing. If you attire tight fit clothes, your body movement is likely to get restricted, making your exercising ineffective

-It is convenient to wear light color clothing in summer season, as it pulls heat and also it offers a cool feeling to beat the scorching heat.

-It is advisable to have some sort of hat or cap, over the head when is summer period or the time of chilly winds, so that you can cope up better with the climatic conditions.

-You should reject wearing plastic or rubberized clothing, by reason of such clothes are probably to cause a rise in your body temperature, which can be unsafe.

-Elect attiring some light layers of clothing, rather than going in for one heavy cloth layer. The clothing layer touching your skin should be humidity absorbent.

-T-shirts or sweatshirts teamed with tights or drawstring pants are useful as the appropriate clothing for aerobic workout.

(Cantiknya dapat body cam gini kan.....mimpilah aku aiiiii...)

Nak beli kasut pun kena gak tgk..mmg lah tgk..harga pun far ni pki Jenama POWER jerk...ahahahhahahaha...selepas sponsor nak mintak Nike juga..leh tak Papa..???

Before purchasing a shoe for your aerobics exercise go through the following steps:
1. Maintain the shoe at the heel with one hand and the toe with the other hand and start twisting. The forefoot of the shoe should bend with light resistance.
2. Verify if it has any laterally positioned straps or staggered lacing systems which will aid in forefoot stability during exercising.
3. It should have an adequately wide heel and a firm heel counter that will assist with ankle stability.
4. Upper surface of the shoe can be made of diversity of materials such as leather, canvas, plastic, coated fabric etc. Firm leather increases a greater support and durability to the shoe. Several other materials will often maintain your foot cooler and dryer during exercise periods and they permit the shoe to breathe better.
5. The sole of an aerobic step shoe consists of an insole and an outsole, the softer the sole, the greater the shoe’s ability to absorb shock. Make sure that the insole of the shoe compresses with pressure.
6. Before choosing a shoe, take into consideration all your needs. Don't go for the ordinary shoe in a class. People with high arches and non-flexible feet, should opt for cushioning shoes. A plus size or overweight individual may need a heavier shoe for added support and cushioning.
7. Floor surface is also an essential factor in the election of shoe. A shoe with less tread should be used on low-pile carpeted floors so that your feet don't catch and drag as you twist and turn on the balls of your feet. Shoes with a little more tread for traction will work better on wood or linoleum exercise surfaces.

So, have proper clothing and enjoy your aerobic workout session.

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